One of the scans from Mekaku City Days album.

Lost Time Prologue is the 1st track in the Mekaku City Days album and also the prologue to the series.


Moshi ano toki ni modoretara

Tatoeba sonna mirai mo atta kamo shirenai

Moshi ano hi anata ni deawanakereba

Angai tsumaranai sekai datta kamo shirenai

Zuibun to heibon datta ano hi wo

Akai me okosutta ano hi wo

Demo kura no youna natsu no hi wo

Watashi wa kitto

Ashita mo wasurenai


If I could go back to that time

Maybe I could have met that future too

If I hadn't met you that day

This could be an unexpectedly boring world

On an extremelly common day

On the day that the red eyes awoke

But as a dark summer day

Surely I Won't forget about tomorrow aswell

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